Gran Reserva de Don Alberto Extra Añejo

Gran Reserva de Don Alberto Extra Añejo

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Why we love Gran Reserva de Don Alberto Extra Añejo

  • Rested for 2 years in French Oak barrels and then 1 additional year in medium charred white oak, this is a whisky-lovers tequila.
  • Warm brown spices marry with notes of dried fruit and vanilla. Oak is evident from the nose through the finish.
  • Created by Master Distiller Gildardo Partida
  • 80 proof / 40% ABV
  • NOM: 1477 / Tequilera Puerta de Hierro / El Arenal, Jalisco
  • Bottle Size: 750 mL

Aroma: oak, caramel, dried fruits and smoke

Palate: oak, bourbon, dried fruits, slight smoke, caramel, maple

Finish: long for a reposado, with mild alcohol and lingering sweetness

About Gran Reserva de Don Alberto Tequila

Made at Tequila Puerta de Hierro, NOM 1477, under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Alberto Partida, Gran Reserva de Don Alberto is made from 100% Blue Weber agave, cooked in brick ovens, pressed with a roller mill, fermented in stainless steel tanks, and rested in French Oak barrels. This lineup is perfect for those who favor a sweeter, more oak forward profile in their aged Tequilas, and provides great value for the price.


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