NETA Espadín Capón Ramón García Sánchez

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NETA Espadín Capón Ramón García Sánchez

Sale price$109.00


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Location: Logoche, Miahuatlán
Master Distiller: Ramón García Sánchez
NOM: 142

Why we love NETA Espadín Capón Ramón García Sánchez

  • Created by Ramón García Sánchez, using Espadín planted by his father-in-law in Lachigüizo, in soil that had only previously cultivated corn, beans, and squash, for twenty years. 
  • In September 2021 after 6 years of growth, and trimming of the quotes six months earlier, Ramón harvested the capón agave, and the final batch was refined in November 2021.
  • The intention behind the production of this batch was to help fund Ramón’s wedding party in July 2022 - total yield was 1,040 liters and was released in Spring 2022
  • 95.8 proof / 47.9% ABV
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Tasting Notes

Aroma: dried tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, freshly cut wood, bright herbality

Palate: complex and evolving, initially tart and sweet like a summer nectarine, then transforms into a heartier mouthfeel with touches of barbecued meats, roasted fennel, and a mineral backbone

Finish: warming, lasting, and generous

About the Brand

NETA works closely with over twenty small, family producers from the southern valleys and hills of Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, many of whom are members of the cooperative Grupo Productor Logoche. Situated at the southern tip of the Central Valleys and the foot of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains, the area is renowned for the strong character of its people, its diverse landscapes, and the rich agricultural and culinary traditions that have been maintained throughout generations.

As such, the region has preserved its reputation for producing some of the finest spirits in Mexico. Each production is unique and bottled at still-strength by members and family members of the co-op and the quantity produced is relative to the number of agaves cooked in an oven and their respective yield.

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