Padre Azul Double Barrel Reposado Artist Edition 2022

Sale price$175.00

Padre Azul Double Barrel Reposado Artist Edition 2022

Sale price$175.00


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Location: Amatitán, Jalisco
Master Distiller: Erika Sangeado
NOM: 1466

Why we love Padre Azul Double Barrel Reposado Artist Edition 2022

  • First aged 6 months in an ex-Bourbon barrel, then two additional months in a different ex-bourbon barrel for finishing 
  • Limited artist edition, only 3,000 bottles produced, leather motif designed by Guadalajara paintress, Laura Garcia Rulfo
    • “A tequila made by women!  Adriana’s inspiration, Erika’s craft(wo)manship, and my artwork - the cooperation was a great pleasure!”

“Tesoro de Agave”
The agave is born from the generosity of the earth and nourished by the weather, the sun, and the water sent by Mother Nature.  It’s also the agave that provides us with Tequila, the ancestral spirit worthy of the gods.  The drink that makes Mexicans worship their women, who inspire their poems and songs, while they enjoy their agave spirit.  Meanwhile under the colorful sky of Jalisco, she gently walks and meditates in between the blue agaves that give rise to our favorite drink - Padre Azul Tequila.”

  • Produced in Amatitán by Master Distiller Erika Sangeado

Tasting Notes

Aroma: summer apples, cooked agave, fruity tones

Palate: sweet cooked agave, light caramel and oak, milk chocolate, baked apples

Finish: round and sweet

About the Brand

Tequila is a spirit of passion and romance, and with Padre Azul Tequila, we add yet another Tequila love story to our portfolio. Padre Azul was born from the love of the son of a high-quality Vogelbeerschnaps producer (a traditional Austrian spirit made out of rowan berries) and a Tapatia from Jalisco, Mexico who met while studying in Germany. Produced in the town Amatitán in the Valley of Tequila by Master Distiller Erika Sangreado, Padre Azul uses local Valley agaves, traditional ovens, and used bourbon barrels to create a line of smooth sipping Tequilas.

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