San Matias 135 Year Anniversary Blend Anejo Tequila

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San Matias 135 Year Anniversary Blend Anejo Tequila

Sale price$549.00


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Location: Ojo de Agua de Latillas, Jalisco
Distillery: Tequila San Matías de Jalisco
NOM: 1103

Why we love San Matias 135 Year Anniversary Blend Anejo Tequila

  • The first ever blend of the premium añejos and extra añejos in the Casa San Matias portfolio including: Orgullo añejo, Rey Sol Extra añejo, Tahona añejo, Gran Reserva Extra añejo, and Pueblo Viejo añejo
  • This commemorative bottle is adorned with 135 European crystals, in collaboration with PRECIOSA, all of which are placed by hand in the highlands of Jalisco
  • Only 9,000 bottles produced, never to be made again
  • 80 proof / 40% ABV
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Tasting Notes

Aroma: caramel, dark chocolate, maple, vanilla, light floral notes

Palate: rich and balanced sweetness from agave and barrel aging, a full mouthfeel with hints of dried fruits, toasted nuts, and caramel

Finish: strong and full bodied, lasting sweetness and fruit notes

About the Brand

Casa San Matias is owned and operated by Carmen Villarreal Treviño, the first female in the Tequila industry to hold this position. Coming to fame by producing the first extra aged tequila to hit the market, San Matias Gran Reserva in 1993, they’ve since expanded their offerings as well as operations. The heritage distillery, Ojo de Agua, sits on top of a natural spring near the highland town of Tepatitlan where their estate agave is also grown.

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