Staff Favorites Flight

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Staff Favorites Flight

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Why we love Staff Favorites Flight

Why we love this Tequila Flight

The best Tequila is the one you like the most, and just like the seasons, our tastes for our favorites change over time.  Quarterly, we’ll be updating this flight with what is in our glass most often and a little explanation of why from our internal team.  Join us!

Siete Leguas Blanco

Why is this a fave? Siete Leguas Blanco has always been my go-to blanco and even when I try to get away, this expression will never release me.  Perfectly refreshing and bright to be sipped neat or in a cocktail, this is Tequila perfection in my eyes. 


Volans Reposado

Why is this a fave? Volans uses a gentle hand with their aging techniques, allowing most of the agave to stay present and just toning the heat slightly with time, and replacing it with nice notes of oak.  In the final Summer months, when it's hot, lightly rested reposados are my thing, and this year, it’s Volans Reposado in my glass.


El Tequileño Añejo Gran Reserva

Why is this a fave? Sometimes the people behind the tequila are just as good of a reason to enjoy the expression as the liquid itself.  The folks at El Tequileño are fantastic, always looking to support the industry and make friends while they’re making fabulous Tequilas.  So this one goes out to Tony, Gina, and Orlando - thank you for your hospitality and leadership!

Tequilas included in Flight (all 700mL): 

  • 1 Siete Leguas Blanco 
  • 1 Volans Reposado 
  • 1 El Tequileño Añejo Gran Reserva

All 80 proof / 40% ABV

Tasting Notes

Siete Leguas Blanco

Aroma: cooked agave, minerality, basil, mint, lime

Palate: cracked pepper, cooked agave, jalapeno, lime, slight vanilla tones, citrus zest

Finish: fresh and zesty, flavors change and develop over time

Volans Reposado

Aroma: light notes of caramel, agave, fresh pear, and spices

Palate: cooked agave honey backed with minerality, stone fruit, black pepper, light coffee and oak notes

Finish: smooth and round, slightly dry but honeyed

El Tequileño Añejo Gran Reserva

Aroma: orange peels, honey, vanilla, faint leather

Palate: dried apples and cherries, cooked agave, vanilla, pink peppercorns, butterscotch

Finish: dry and black pepper spicy finish 

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