Wild Common Family Collection

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Wild Common Family Collection

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Why we love Wild Common Family Collection

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1x Wild Common Blanco
El Arenal, Jalisco / 84 proof / 42% abv / 750ml 

1x Wild Common Still Strength Blanco
El Arenal, Jalisco / 100 proof / 50% abv / 750ml 

1x Wild Common Reposado
86 proof / 43% abv/ 750ml 

1x Ensamble Mezcal
92 proof / 46% abv/ 750ml 

Tasting Notes

Wild Common Blanco Tasting Notes

Aroma: strong, cooked agave, wildflower honey, baked bread, fresh apricots, mandarins, peppercorn

Palate: cooked agave, deep minerality, savory herbs, sweet limes, bright white pepper spice, stone fruits

Finish: lasting and ever-evolving salinity and citrus notes

Wild Common Still Strength Blanco Tasting Notes

Aroma: roasted agave, sweet overripe stone fruits, unleavened bread, cinnamon

Palate: warm smooth mouthfeel leading with the sweetness of cooked agave, baked apples, citrus and white pepper

Finish: long lasting, evolving from spicy alcoholic heat to subtler fruit and floral notes

Wild Common Reposado Tasting Notes

Aroma: strong cooked agave, buttered toast, honey

Palate: cooked agave, slight nutty notes with a chewy mouthfeel reminiscent of freshly made caramels, tangerine, warm stone fruit jam and a pop of cinnamon stick spice

Finish: lasting, full-bodied, and sweet

Wild Common Ensamble Mezcal Tasting Notes

Aroma: freshly prepared limonada, green agave, tropical fruits, coconut cream

Palate: white peaches, underripe kiwi, sweet limes, warm slate and wet earth, the mouthfeel invokes the feeling of a sip of cool well water on a warm day, finishes with bright notes of fresh mint and jasmine, leans more towards the fruity side of mezcal rather than smoke

Finish: crisp and refreshing, evolves on the palate over time

About the Brand

Wild Common comes to the Sip Tequila portfolio with foundations on both sides of the Mexico-US border as a collaboration from the Rosales family at the renowned Cascahuin distillery in El Arenal, and owner and founder, Andy Bardon, contributing National Geographic photographer and athlete, of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The commitment to sustainability, tradition, and transparency from Cascahuin has earned them a place in the hearts of agave connoisseurs as well as new consumers, and with Wild Common, they will do it again. The brand's slogan “Nothing Added, Nothing Lost” represents the traditional methods used in creating the Tequila, and the standards upheld by the team for the spirits in their portfolio as a whole.

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