El Tesoro Tequila

El Tesoro is known as "the Treasure of Jalisco”, crafted in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico for generations. There is magic in the soil at La Alteña distillery, our home where a community of skilled artisans use traditional methods of tequila-making to create a true treasure. A tequila with soul in every sip.


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El Tesoro Extra Anejo TequilaEl Tesoro Extra Anejo Tequila
El Tesoro Anejo Tequila
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El Tesoro Reposado Tequila
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El Tesoro Blanco Tequila
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El Tesoro Family CollectionEl Tesoro Family Collection
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El Tesoro Paradiso Extra Anejo Tequila
El Tesoro Extra Anejo 85th Anniversary

─ Behind the Brand ─

About El Tesoro Tequila

La Alteña distillery was created in 1937 by Don Felipe Camarena. He was a visionary man who saw the potential to make a great tequila, up here, in the mineral-rich highlands of Jalisco. Today his grandson, Carlos Camarena, is our Master Distiller.
The Camarena family continues to honor the traditional way Don Felipe made tequila over 80 years ago.

But most importantly, it is the care and dedication of the people at La Alteña that make El Tesoro really special. Our passion and community bond help us make a tequila that we are truly proud of. Together, we craft the Art of Tequila.

NOM: 1139
Locatio: Arandas, Los Altos de Jalisco
Agave: Tequilana Weber
Cooking: Stone/Brick Ovens
Milling: Tahona
Fermentation: Wood Fermentation Tank.
Distillation: Copper Pot