Tequila Cascahuin

In the small town of El Arenal, halfway down the carretera libre leading from Guadalajara to the town of Tequila, one left turn off of the main road, you’ll find one of the fastest up and coming distilleries in the industry. The Rosales family, and the rest of the cast of characters that create their Tequila, at Tequila Cascahuin, come from deep roots in tradition, but also lead the charge in agave evangelism amongst the younger generation in Guadalajara and the surrounding areas.  Chava Rosales, when he’s not at the distillery, actively overseeing operations and tasting expressions for accuracy, can be found at institutional bars and restaurants in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and even Tulum, educating staff on the creation and respect of traditional Tequila. 

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About Tequila Cascahuin

Beside the Rosales Family, is David Suro, creator of Siembra Azul, owner of Tequilas Restaurant and Bar in Philadelphia, and most importantly, a shepherd of the mission of sustainability and transparency in the world of Tequila.  Together they believe that innovation in Tequila comes from digging back into its artisanal roots, focusing on raw, traditional flavors, and pure ingredients, without the use of additives.  The portfolio of expressions made by Cascahuin are a direct representation of traditionally made agave spirits from the El Arenal region.  Loved by aficionados as well as newcomers craving transparency and purity in their purchasing power, Cascahuin blurs the boundaries of old and new.

Tequila Cascahuin

NOM: 1123 / Cascahuin Distillery
Location: El Arenal, Jalisco Agave: Valley
Cooking: Stone Clay Oven
Milling: Tahona and Roller Mill
Fermentation: Open air, cement tanks with fibers, stainless steel tanks without fibers
Distillation: Double Distillation, Stainless steel with copper coil, Copper pot stills