Terralta Extra Anejo 110

Terralta Extra Anejo 110



Tasting Notes

About the Brand

Why we love Terralta Extra Añejo 110 Proof

  • Aged almost 4 years in previously used American bourbon barrels
  • Made exclusively from deep well water, at 150 meters, creating a deeply rich earthy and mineral profile
  • 100% agave, Verified Additive Free by Tequila Matchmaker
  • Produced by fourth-generation Master Distiller Felipe Camarena
  • 110 proof / 55% ABV
  • Agave lingers in taste and finish, making it very easy to sip on its own
  • NOM 1579 / El Pandillo / Jesus Maria, Jalisco
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Aroma: sweet cooked agave, ripe apricots, minerality, charcoal

Palate: roasted agave, pears, roasted chipotle peppers, caramel, highlighted by high notes of herbs and citrus in the 55% ABV

Finish: warm without being overpowering, baking spices, and round honey of cooked agave

About Terralta Tequila

Terralta Tequila is the fourth brand project from Felipe Camarena and his two sons, Alan and Luis, created at the infamous El Pandillo distillery in Jesus Maria, Los Altos. Central to the flavor profiles created at El Pandillo is the source of water used and in the case of Terralta, it all comes from a deep well, 150 meters down in the earth, where the minerality and soil are king. Where the other profiles are lofty and light, you’ll find Terralta firmly secured in the ground from which the agave grow. The soils of Los Altos are rich in iron, giving them a red coloring, and softness compared to the rockier soils of the Valley of Tequila.


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