Cazcanes is a traditionally made, small-batch, boutique-style, award-winning, additive-free, organic, and kosher tequila crafted using natural spring water from the Navichi Spring, which Cazcanes trucks in for each production


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Cazcanes Reposado No. 7
Cazcanes Anejo No. 7
Sale price$149.00
Cazcanes Blanco No. 7
Sale price$79.00
Cazcanes Blanco No. 9
Sale price$109.00
Cazcanes Blanco No. 10 Still Strength

─ Behind the Brand ─

About Cazcanes

Enter the world of Cazcanes, where founder Colin Edwards, a winemaker with an unwavering passion for tequila, was driven to create tequila from scratch rather than simply slapping a label on someone else's product. His quest led him to Humberto, a master distiller in the Mexican jungle, whose 110-proof tequila inspired Colin and the Cazcanes team. Determined to maintain authenticity, they partnered with the Familia Landeros distillery and Master Distiller Francisco Jimenez, affectionately known as "Don Chico."

Together, they adapted Humberto's recipe, sourced water from Navichi Springs for a unique flavor, and navigated the world of certification to export their tequila to the US. With numerous awards and a growing following, the entire Cazcanes team, including "Don Chico," relocated to Tequilero Tap NOM 1614, expanding their capacity while preserving their cherished flavor profile. Today, Cazcanes proudly produces small-batch, handcrafted tequila that reflects their unwavering passion and dedication to excellence. Welcome to Cazcanes, where tradition and innovation come together to offer a tequila experience beyond the ordinary.

NOM: 1614
Location: Amatitán, Jalisco
Agave: Blue Weber
Cooking : Low-Pressure Autoclave
Milling: Roller Mill
Fermentation: Open Air Fermentation in Stainless Steel Tanks, 100% Agave, Without Fibers
Distillation: 2x Distilled Stainless Steel Pot with Copper Coil