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Tequila Ocho comes to the Sip Tequila portfolio by way of Carlos Camarena, a third generation Tequilero, and the late Tomas Estes, tequila legend and global spirits ambassador. Some would say this is the most dynamic and intense partnership in the tequila world, bringing to life decades of experience and deep understanding and respect for the agave plant. With a truly artisanal approach, Tequila Ocho brings terroir in Tequila to life, celebrating single estate agave harvests and yearly vintages, making them rare and collectible. Not to mention, delicious.


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Tequila Ocho Plata BottleTequila Ocho Plata
Tequila Ocho ReposadoTequila Ocho Reposado
Tequila Ocho AñejoTequila Ocho Añejo
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Tequila Ocho / Sip Tequila Anejo Single BarrelTequila Ocho / Sip Tequila Anejo Single Barrel
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Tomas Estes Tribute Ocho Plata 2022Tomas Estes Tribute Ocho Plata 2022

Production Details

NOM: 1474 / Cía. Tequilera Los Alambiques
Location: Arandas, Jalisco
Agave: Highland
Cooking : Stone clay ovens
Milling: Tahona / Roller Mill
Fermentation: Wood tanks / open air Distillation: Copper pot, 2x distilled

About Tequila Ocho

Tequila Ocho premiered in 2008 and was the first brand to bring terroir in Tequila to life by harvesting single estates of agave and bottling unique expressions, never to be produced again. The bright and expressive flavors of the carefully selected highland agave, are only possible through the decades of experience of this duo and their team. Ocho expressions are concentrated and complex while also remaining balanced and easy to drink.