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Fuenteseca Reserva Extra Añejo 8 Year

The Profile: 

Aroma: Time spent in California red wine barrels and dark French oak evokes notes of soft red fruits, dried sweet cherries, and vanilla.

Palate: At first sip you’ll notice hints of cooked agave paired with sun-dried grapes, and crisp red apples. Warm vanilla and  drying oak tannins leading to a bright yet balanced finish.

The Distillation:

This Extra Añejo was distilled in late Spring of 2008, With three-quarters of the expression made in a double-copper column still with plates removed to achieve a lower distillation proof, and the remaining quarter made in an alembic pot still.

The Barrels: One-quarter of the distillate was then laid in American white oak previously used to age California red wine, and three-quarters was aged in used dark French Oak. The casks were stored for the full 8 years in a damp-climate cellar used in the early 1900s as a water cistern, to slowly settle the spirit in a colder environment with reduced wood interaction.


Master Distiller: Enrique Fonseca

NOM #1146


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