Rosas are new to the Tequila scene but don't mistake them for being just a "pink Tequila" - these expressions are also finely crafted by master distillers with a light amount of aging, often in red-wine barrels.  Can we convert the "rose all day" crowd to Tequila lovers?  You bet, the revolution is here.


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Komos Rosa ReposadoKomos Rosa Reposado
Sale price$139.00
Compoveda Rosa 750mlCompoveda Rosa 750ml
Compoveda Family Dram Collection
Don Julio Rosado Reposado Tequila
Komos Rosa Reposado 375mL
Sale price$75.00
Komos Rosa Reposado 1.75mL
Sale price$325.00
Compoveda Rosa 100ml Taster
Sale price$17.00
Compoveda Blanco 100ml Taster
Compoveda Rosa 750ml w/Tasting Glasses