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Don Cayo Extra Anejo


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About Don Cayo

In 1954, Don Cayetano Gónzalez had a vision of creating a Tequila made in the artisanal way and infused with the essence of Mexico.  Today this is realized in Tequila Don Cayo.  Made in El Arenal in the Valley of Tequila with agaves from the surrounding areas, this is a Tequila loved by those new to the Tequila world, as well as those deep into the exploration of all things agave.

Why we love Don Cayo Extra Añejo

  • Aged 5 years in French Oak barrels
  • 100% agave
  • Smooth, sweet agave sipper great on the rocks or neat
  • Made with Valley agaves slow roasted in traditional stone clay ovens 
  • NOM 1477 / Tequilera Puerta de Hierro (Leticia Hermosillo Ravelero) / El Arenal, Jalisco

Tasting Notes

Aroma: caramel, vanilla, cooked agave, honey butter

Palate: caramelized agave, vanilla, oak, maple, light smoke notes

Finish: rounded richness, sweet, and lasting mouthfeel with a touch of oak on the finish

Learn more about Tequila Don Cayo here. 

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