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El Tequileño Tequila

El Tequileño Tequila

Named in honor of the people of Tequila, El Tequileño was founded in 1959 by Don Jorge Salles Cuervo with a vision to create only the finest tequila. Sixty years later, El Tequileño is made in the same place using the same recipe by the grandson of Don Jorge.

In 1959 Don Jorge Salles Cuervo pursued his lifelong dream of establishing his own Tequila, and he calls it El Tequileño in honor of the people of the town of Tequila. Since then, the business and craft of making Tequila has been passed down through generations of his family, now resting in the hands of Jorge Antonio “Tony Salles,” his grandson and 3rd generation Master Distiller.

El Tequileño at NOM 1108 in the town of Tequila is one of only a very small handful of distilleries that can say it’s only produced one brand of Tequila over the 61 years they’ve been in production. The distillery is, their water source is a natural volcanic spring coming from the Volcan de Tequila. And although the distillery has had some updates and polish over time, the family has been careful to keep the production methods exactly the same, as to not mess with their special recipe.

To bring the spirit of Tequila closer to those they meet along their journeys, the family just opened Casa Salles, a boutique hotel in the heart of Tequila town. The hotel is open to industry folks, or agave explorers looking to spend some time visiting distilleries, and learning more of the culture that surrounds the Tequila name. More information on the hotel can be found here.

NOM: 1108
Location: Tequila, Jalisco
Agave: Highland
Cooking : Autoclaves
Milling: Roller Mill
Fermentation: Open air cement tanks
Distillation: Copper pot, 2x