Hidden Gem Collection

We are here to be your guides on a treasure hunt for high-quality Artisanal Tequila and bring this curated collection to those looking for authentically crafted products. We believe in the magic of traditional production processes to create better quality products and leave a significant impact on the local communities making these hidden gems.


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Atanasio Blanco
Sale price$79.00
Atanasio AñejoAtanasio Añejo
Sale price$119.00
Atanasio Reposado
Sale price$99.00
Save $18.00
Atanasio 3 Bottle Family Collection
Sale price$279.00 Regular price$297.00
Rey Sol / Sip Tequila 10 Year Extra Anejo Single BarrelRey Sol / Sip Tequila 10 Year Extra Anejo Single Barrel
Sale price$349.00 Regular price$399.00
San Matias Rey Sol Extra AñejoSan Matias Rey Sol Extra Añejo
San Matias Extra Anejo Gran Reserva
San Matias Tahona Anejo
Sale price$79.00
San Matias Tahona Reposado
Sale price$69.00
San Matias Tahona Blanco
Sale price$59.00
Save $11.00
San Matias Tahona Collection
Sale price$199.00 Regular price$210.00
General Gorostieta Blanco
General Gorostieta JovenGeneral Gorostieta Joven
Save $9.00
General Gorostieta Blanco & Joven Collection
Sale price$165.00 Regular price$174.00
Viva Mexico BlancoViva Mexico Blanco
Sale price$55.00
Viva Mexico ReposadoViva Mexico Reposado
Sale price$65.00
Viva Mexico AnejoViva Mexico Anejo
Sale price$79.00
Save $10.00
Viva Mexico Family Collection
Sale price$189.00 Regular price$199.00
San Matias 135 Year Anniversary Blend Anejo TequilaSan Matias 135 Year Anniversary Blend Anejo Tequila
Atanasio Orígenes Espíritu Fuerte Blanco
Save $21.00
Atanasio 4 Bottle Family Collection
Sale price$365.00 Regular price$386.00

Production Details

“We are looking to connect tequila brands using traditional production processes with consumers in the United States looking for carefully crafted products.”

About Hidden Gem Collection

Hidden Gem’s story started in 2011 when Tracy began dating Andres’ sister-in-law. The connection with the family was immediate, and their mutual passion for enjoying great tequila with others grew.

Their passion for tequila has intensified throughout the years. Both have held countless tasting sessions with friends and family and events educating tequila drinkers on how to have an excellent experience and erase bad memories from trying low-end products during their college years.

For years, they have been on a quest for great tequila, emphasizing the juice’s quality over packaging aesthetics.

Over the years, they have tried over 200 tequila brands and traveled routinely to Mexico and the Tequila region. They strongly advocate small-batch Tequila and traditional production processes to create a better-quality product. They believe that the United States market will fall in love with this tequila as they understand them better and they become more available.