Tequila Flights

Hand-selected and curated by our in-house experts, Tequila flights make exploring different expressions of Tequila accessible to everyone. Even better, you always save more when you buy a Flight instead of single bottles, all year round!


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Save $91.00
Compoveda Family Collection
Sale price$339.00 Regular price$430.00
Save $36.00
Compoveda Blanco, Rosa & Reposado Collection
Sale price$199.00 Regular price$235.00
Save $31.00
Compoveda Reposado & Extra Anejo Collection
Sale price$259.00 Regular price$290.00
NOM 1477 Distiller's Choice Extra Añejo Series
Sale priceFrom $759.00 Regular price$806.00
Save $15.00
Staff Favorites Flight
Sale price$209.00 Regular price$224.00
Save $15.00
Celebrity Flight
Sale price$259.00 Regular price$274.00
Save $10.00
Tequila 101 Flight
Sale price$169.00 Regular price$179.00
Save $10.00
Tequila 101 Flight for Agave Purists
Sale price$194.00 Regular price$204.00
Extra Anejo FlightExtra Anejo Flight
Sale priceFrom $489.00 Regular price$512.00
Extra Anejo Flight for Agave PuristsExtra Anejo Flight for Agave Purists
Sale priceFrom $909.00 Regular price$957.00
Save $21.00
Wine Barrel Flight
Sale price$319.00 Regular price$340.00
Female Founders / Distillers Flight
Sale price$239.00 Regular price$254.00
Premium Flight
Sale price$689.00 Regular price$727.00
Premium Flight for Agave Purists
Sale price$819.00 Regular price$861.00
El Pandillo Flight
Sale price$199.00 Regular price$209.00
Save $15.00
NOM 1123 Flight
Sale price$239.00 Regular price$254.00
Save $11.00
Valley Reposado Flight
Sale price$219.00 Regular price$230.00
Los Altos Reposado Flight
Sale price$175.00 Regular price$183.00
High Proof FlightHigh Proof Flight
Sale price$219.00 Regular price$229.00
Save $10.00
Tahona Blanco Flight
Sale price$209.00 Regular price$219.00
Save $21.00
Compoveda Blanco & Reposado Collection
Sale price$139.00 Regular price$160.00
Save $21.00
Compoveda Blanco & Rosa Collection
Sale price$119.00 Regular price$140.00
Save $11.00
Paloma Flight
Sale price$185.00 Regular price$196.00