Añejo Tequilas are a well-loved category for brown-spirits drinkers as these Tequilas spend more than 1 year in a barrel. The title “Añejo” quite literally means “aged” and these expressions can do so for up to 3 years before they become an Extra Añejo. Añejos range from sweet to spicy, depending on the barrel used for aging and can be sipped neat or substituted for another brown spirit in cocktails like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned.


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Don Ramon Platinum Anejo Cristalino
123 Organic Tequila Anejo Bottle
Gift Komos

Gift Komos

30-30 Anejo Tequila
Marques de Casa Noble AnejoMarques de Casa Noble Anejo
Sale price$199.00
Solento Organic Anejo (375mL)Solento Ajeno Tequila 375
Partida Anejo Tequila
Sale price$59.00
Save $26.00
Codigo 1530 / Sip Tequila Anejo Single Barrel
Sale price$199.00 Regular price$225.00
El Tesoro Anejo Tequila
Sale price$89.00
Tepozan Anejo TequilaTepozan Anejo Tequila
Sale price$69.00
Partida Anejo Roble Fino TequilaPartida Anejo Roble Fino Tequila
Insolito Anejo Tequila
Sale price$65.00
El Tesoro Paradiso Extra Anejo Tequila
Villa One Anejo
Sale price$55.00
Siempre Anejo
Sale price$69.00
Cascahuin Anejo
Sale price$69.00
Flecha Azul Anejo Tequila
Sale price$75.00
Riazul Anejo
Sale price$89.00
Cincoro Anejo Tequila 1.75L
Sale price$399.00
Arette Artesanal Anejo
Sale price$109.00
Codigo 1530 Rare Hare Anejo
Sale price$999.00
Cierto Private Collection Anejo TequilaCierto Private Collection Anejo Tequila
Cobalto Añejo TequilaCobalto Añejo Tequila
Codigo 1530 Rare Hare 2nd Edition Double Barrel AnejoCodigo 1530 Rare Hare 2nd Edition Double Barrel Anejo