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Agave spirits are one of the fastest-growing categories of adult beverages in the world, and while here at Sip we focus primarily on Tequila, we also stock hand-selected products from the other categories - mezcal, bacanora, raicilla, and sotol(this one often gets put in the agave category, although it isn’t made per se from an agave, but a relative of one). All of these spirits have roots and heritage across Mexico, and we welcome them here!


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Codigo 1530 Mezcal Artesanal 84.4
Cardenxe Sotol de DesiertoCardenxe Sotol de Desierto
Sale price$59.00
Cardenxe Sotol de Sierra
Sale price$89.00
Save $9.00
Cardenxe Sotol Family
Sale price$139.00 Regular price$148.00
Real Minero Espadin Mezcal
Sale price$129.00
Dos Hombres Espadin MezcalDos Hombres Espadin Mezcal
La Luna Ponche Navideno MezcalLa Luna Ponche Navideno Mezcal
La Luna Tequilana Mezcal
Sale price$75.00
La Luna Chino Silvestre
Sale price$85.00